Ron Koscinski

Creative Director


  • Passion 99% 99%
  • Creativity 95% 95%
  • Design Skills 99% 99%
  • Ability to Contain Enthusiasm 0% 0%

“I guess design is like breathing to me. It fills my heart and soul with oxygen to work with the folks I work with every day.”

You’ve never met anyone like Ron. He’s wildly creative. Funny. Impassioned. And completely devoid of the arrogance and territorialism that normally accompanies the title of Creative Director. For Ron, it’s the idea that is king – and those ideas can come from anyone and at any time. For over 30 years, Ron has created some extraordinary campaigns without ever losing his enthusiasm.

His work ethic and drive come from years of never settling for designs that are just “good enough.” He demands the best from himself – and from everyone at JFG – providing key leadership and creative insight for customers in Western New York and around the world. Ron is also keenly aware of any weaknesses and seeks out the strengths in others so he can stay out of their way. And that’s what makes him such an incredible leader at JFG.

Outside of work, you’ll find Ron in a variety of settings – golfing, bowling, hunting, camping or just spending time with his family. Ron simply loves the journey in everything he does – and it’s infectious to all those lucky enough to be around him.