Ryan Yaeger

Copywriter/Digital Content Strategist


  • Copywriting 99% 99%
  • Brand Strategy 95% 95%
  • Love of the State of Ohio 1% 1%
  • Tolerance of Double Spaces 0% 0%


HubSpot Content Marketing Certification Yaeger
HubSpot Email Marketing Certification Yaeger
HubSpot Inbound Sales Certification Yaeger
HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification Yaeger

“Whether it’s writing or editing, on a site or on a billboard, I aim to find perfection in an otherwise imperfect world. The best copywriters and editors are rarely known because they only get attention when there’s an error, so the goal always is to remain unknown and let the copy speak for itself.”

The phrase, “The pen is mightier than the sword”, may be approaching 200 years old, but it still holds the same weight at JFG thanks to Ryan. A student of all things written, Ryan has taken his love of the language and translated it into the newest mediums in a way that is both compelling and understandable.

He handles the copywriting for client projects across all platforms, whether it’s a television or radio script, a print ad or flyer, or editing the contents of a product guide or sales brochure. He also works on client websites to help deliver the best possible experience for both users and owners by helping elevate visibility in search results, ensuring content on site is relevant to SEO and user intent, and identifying areas for improvement from a copy, technology, security or UX standpoint. Both domains rely on a keen eye for the value of written content and the editor’s eye for spotting mistakes or shortcomings that can be refined and improved, and both provide equal challenges and opportunities every day that make this work interesting, fun and rewarding. 

Bringing a background of writing and editing in print and digital journalism, digital marketing and search engine optimization roles, Ryan works to create compelling, concise and effective writing for the web, television and radio, printed advertising and much more on behalf of JFG’s clients.

Outside of work, Ryan loves to ride his motorcycle, travel the world and play board games. He also enjoys perusing hopped beverages. And while he’s quite congenial, be sure you don’t commit any of his editing peeves or he may have to bring out his pen and show you why the sword never stood a chance.