32229attraction2179352c-b233-4791-98fc-14c7da4ed408.jpgJFG was founded on December 31, 2001, in Lockport, New York. This was not exactly the best time to start a business — three months after the tragedy of 9/11 and the economy was headed into the tank. And while we were trying to set up our company, we were hit with the second largest snowstorm in the history of Buffalo, NY. You read that right — the second largest in Buffalo, where a “dusting” of snow is generally about two feet. We got 82 inches of snow between December 24th and December 28th — 35 of which fell in a 24-hour period.

But we forged ahead anyway. Despite the adversity, we rented an 800-square-foot office from a former neighbor. We brought in our old home computers, card tables from my mother’s house, a couple of phones from my recently deceased great aunt’s apartment (with monstrously large buttons that accommodated her cataracts), and “office supplies” acquired from our kids’ desk drawers.

It’s been said that anything worthwhile doesn’t come easy. How very true. That first year was filled with hard times, hard work, and more missteps than we care to count. But what’s the point in starting a business if you aren’t willing to climb back into the ring every morning and keep punching, regardless of how many hits to the head you take? Which probably explains why you keep coming back — you’re just too punch drunk after a while.

From the outset, we wanted JFG to be a different type of advertising agency. The goals were — and remain — simple:

  • Treat everyone — employees, clients and vendors — with respect.
  • Get the job done right and do it on time and on budget.
  • Help clients achieve their marketing and sales goals.

Our first four years were a blur of travel, new prospect pitches, and basically taking on any project that our clients tossed our way. The phrase, “Of course we can do that” got us work that stretched from Korea to Poland and covered every type of advertising, marketing, and sales project you can imagine. It became our mantra — at first because we needed to survive. But then it grew to mean something far more.

We began to realize that the term “clients” was really too generic and faceless. The reality was that these clients were just people trying to do their job and, more importantly, keep their job. All companies — big and small — boil down to the person on the other end of the line who is just trying to get something done. The things we were saying “yes” to and ultimately delivering on had gone from a work project to a genuine commitment to keep these people employed, keep their companies profitable, and keep their customers coming back to them. “Of course we can do that” was then coupled with, “We won’t let you down,” because we knew they were essentially entrusting us with their careers. That’s a very good reason to come to work every day.

Now what should you do?

Now comes the easy part. Just contact us today. Then you can see for yourself how we live our mantra, “Of course we can do that. And we won’t let you down.”