1% Inspiration.
99% Perspiration.
100% Devotion.

1% Inspiration. 99% Perspiration. 100% Devotion.

We love what we do. And we do what we love.

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We love what we do.
And we do what we love.

As Edison suggested, genius is not just coming up with the idea, it’s the hard work that brings the idea to life. And that’s what defines JFG. We work to find the solution – and then we roll up our sleeves to get that solution implemented. While others see only clouds, we see a story just waiting to be told.

 At JFG, you’ll find a unique marketing agency always striving to help you make the most of your marketing and advertising investment. From creative design, copywriting and layout through brand development, digital marketing and so much more, you’ll find your partner for success with JFG. 

nonprofit services


For more than a decade, JFG has participated in Western New York’s only CreateAthon, part of a national effort to provide free marketing and advertising services to local community nonprofits every year. See how we give back to organizations in need in the Buffalo area and how you can get involved in 2019.