Payback Incentives Gets Major Overhaul & New Program

by | Jan 4, 2017 | JFG News

Payback Incentives, an online recognition and rewards program, has announced a major overhaul that includes a totally new sales incentives program and the creation of three tiers for its existing employee recognition program.

“At Payback Incentives, we think every company, regardless of size, should be able to incentivize their employees,” said Jack Martin, President. “We’ve made constant improvement a top priority for that reason. Preparing these new products for launch has been incredibly rewarding.”

Sales Rewardz Launches

Sales Rewardz by Payback Incentives launched on Jan. 3 and is designed so employers can focus sales efforts on specific products or soft goods and incentivize sales team members.

“Sales teams need a system that operates differently than our employee recognition system, and Sales Rewardz does just that,” Martin said. “It represents a complete overhaul of the system to include all of the features our clients have requested.”

Sales Rewardz works for companies in any industry, whether those companies employ an in-house sales force, work with a third-party sales team, or have a network of distributors and dealerships.

When sales team members close a sale, they’ll make a quick entry in the program and can upload invoices or other supporting documentation. When the sale is confirmed and approved, the sales team member is immediately rewarded with points that can either be added to a reloadable debit card or used to buy an e-gift card from nearly 100 nationwide retailers.

New Employee Recognition Tiers

The Payback Incentives team also revamped its employee recognition program, designed to incentivize employees with on-the-spot rewards, to include three tiers.

“The tiers enable our employee recognition platform to scale for companies of all sizes and structures and give our clients unmatched flexibility,” Martin said.

Starter Plan: Allows employers to purchase points and reward them to employees, who can trade them in for a variety of e-gift cards. Subscriptions are $9.99 per month for an unlimited number of participants.

Advanced Plan: Designed for companies with more complex administrative hierarchies, the Advanced Plan works much like the Starter Plan but also offers the ability to run peer-to-peer or manager-to-employee programs. Employers can also choose multiple levels of approval on grant requests. Subscriptions are $29.99 per month for up to 100 participants.

Pro Plan: The Pro Plan includes all of the features under the Advanced Plan, but allows for unlimited participants. Subscriptions are $99 per month.

Points for both the Sales Rewardz and Payback Incentives programs cost $1 each, with no markup, and have a redemption value of $1. All programs include robust reporting options and are flexible, with no long-term commitments, contracts, set-up fees, or per-user fees.


Payback Incentives and Sales Rewardz by Payback Incentives are proprietary software platforms developed and supported by J. Fitzgerald Group. For additional information, call (716) 433-7688 or visit

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