Visibility & Market Awareness

Eastern Niagara Health System

Eastern Niagara Hospital, based in JFG’s hometown of Lockport, N.Y., needed a campaign that helped establish its visibility within not just the local community, but the greater Niagara region, while also increasing usage and patient visits. As a community hospital, the facility offers residents more than just emergency care – it serves as a center for inpatient and outpatient care, medical imaging, blood testing and screening services, maternity care and more. In turn, the hospital also needed to drive more utilization, informing the community of its many benefits while driving home the thought that the hospital relies on residents using it to stay viable in the area.

JFG devised a new marketing campaign with ENH that took things in a new direction – literally. The “A New Direction” campaign allowed ENH’s many benefits and investments into facilities, staffing and capabilities to take center stage while taking a high road that didn’t rely on disparaging competitors or comparing itself to other options. Through billboards, flyers, brochures and other collateral, the campaign promoted the many advantages of the facilities for residents, including ENH’s cutting-edge MRI, da Vinci robotic surgical capabilities, inpatient and outpatient services and much more.