AAA Timberline PPC & SEO Campaign

AAA Timberline is a Western New York-based company that solves chimney and fireplace problems, exceeding customer expectations for over 40 years. Large and small, they do it all.

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AAA Google ad

The Approach

As AAA Timberline’s partner, JFG reviewed their current marketing strategy and recommended a paid search campaign. Since this tactic can easily target customers looking for their specific services on Google, we believed it would be the best digital approach to get new customers in the door.

In 2021, JFG launched a paid search campaign to generate new leads and customers. The paid search tactic showed the highest amount of traffic, generating more than organic, direct, referral and social. In conjunction with paid advertising, JFG utilized best practices in search engine optimization to increase organic website traffic.

The Pay Per Click (PPC) Results

Google Stats


Phone calls

Form submissions


Conversion rate

(Industry average is 6.64%)


Click-through rate

(Industry average is 2.41%)

The SEO Results (compared to 2019):

Organic Sessions

Website sessions from organic traffic

(Up 30%)

Google Rankings

Net positions gained on Google

(Up 133%)

GSC Clicks

Clicks from Google Search Console

(Up 72%)

Search Ads

We strategically used paid campaigns to generate awareness and build leads.


Website was optimized to rank for key terms in target locations

Conversion Tracking

Custom landing page allowed for phone call and conversion tracking.

Digital Advertising With JFG

Let’s face it – digital ads are everywhere. But being successful at digital advertising requires more than simply a budget. Digital marketing is targeted, easily measurable and effective – when done correctly. At JFG, our experts have helped dozens of brands and businesses place, manage and optimize their digital ads to drive website traffic and increase conversions.

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