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Aspire Western New York

Aspire of WNY exists to help children and adults with developmental and similar disabilities across the region, working to assist them in living their lives to the fullest. The organization provides educational programming, aid with assistive devices, help with housing and employment and a host of other services. But they needed help with their visibility online, and turned to JFG.

JFG helped Aspire with its social media presence, creating a social strategy that included a posting calendar to help share relevant content, pages on the site and information related to its offerings. This also included making sure that updates relevant to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic were posted quickly to social media and the website, informing those who Aspire serves with the latest information on changes or policies designed to keep everyone healthy and safe.

In addition, JFG created a new website for Aspire. This new site replaced the existing platform that had been rebuilt over the years and grown bloated with different add-ons to meet ad-hoc needs, leading to an inefficient and complicated experience for visitors and Aspire staff. JFG worked to move the existing materials into a new WordPress platform, delivering much of the same functionality – and more – into a new theme that made the site run more smoothly and accessibly for end users and internal stakeholders. The new site was also designed with more SEO best practices in mind, helping to make the content more searchable and navigable to aid in driving traffic from searchers to the right place on the website.

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