Awareness & Web Design

Stella Niagara

As a small elementary and middle school in Niagara County, Stella Niagara delivers an exceptional experience for its students, but was less than exceptional with its marketing and general awareness within the Western New York region. Starting as a participant in JFG’s annual CreateAthon, JFG worked with Stella Niagara to help promote the school and grow enrollment.

During CreateAthon, JFG’s creative team designed a brand-new gatefold brochure, which included information on the programs and benefits of the school for administrators to share with the parents of prospective students. This new look and theme were a hit, and following CreateAthon, Stella Niagara worked with JFG to redesign the school’s website to carry the campaign to its digital presence. The site is still active today, and the school has continued to thrive more than 110 years after its founding.