Brand Development & Awareness

Child Care Resource Network

Child Care Resource Network (CCRN), a nonprofit referral and resource agency supporting families, child care providers, educators and employers seeking accessible and affordable child care options in Erie County, worked with JFG to develop a cohesive brand identity and improve overall awareness of CCRN’s purpose and the services provided to the community. The organization has a broad scope of audiences, ranging from families and providers to employers and prospective donors, meaning that a versatile campaign needed to be designed to drive visibility and awareness in different areas within the region.

JFG started by facilitating a focus group to help gauge the level of awareness and understanding that existed within the Erie County community, using this information to help drive further efforts. Following this session, JFG worked to develop a new logo and tagline for CCRN – “Nurturing Greatness” – and carried this new look and branding through a number of different materials, including an informational brochure, business cards and a pull-up banner design.