Branding & Awareness

Families of FANA, WNY

Another participating organization in CreateAthon 2019, Families of FANA, WNY serves as a comprehensive support system for families in Western New York who adopt from the FANA orphanage – the Spanish acronym for the Foundation for the Assistance of Abandoned Children – in Bogotá, Colombia. The organization works to nurture, support, accept and love children and their newly adopted families, creating a welcoming community for all. Families of FANA, WNY sought assistance to help grow awareness of its local efforts and increase donations in support of both its work in the region and to support the orphanage in Colombia, which receives a significant portion of its annual operating budget from Families of FANA, WNY.

During CreateAthon, JFG staff and volunteers created a campaign to get the message out that would launch during National Adoption Month (November). An organizational brochure was developed, describing more about Families of FANA, WNY and how it helps families and children both in Western New York and Colombia. A billboard was also designed using the same overall brand look and feel. Through vendor partners, JFG was also able to connect Families of FANA, WNY with television commercial spots and a “WNY Living” segment, and drafted scripts and talking points for each. Radio promos were also written to be recorded for donated airtime on local stations. Finally, social media templates and an overall social media guide were created to help share the organization’s message on social media.

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