Brand Awareness Campaign

Family Promise of Western New York

Family Promise of Western New York was a member of the CreateAthon class of 2018 and worked with the JFG team to develop new materials to help improve awareness of its services for WNY. The organization helps families in need during periods of homelessness, and is unique in that it works to keep families together as a cohesive unit whenever possible rather than splitting up family members. The organization understands the difficulties of being without a home – whatever the circumstances – and works to maintain the family bond during what is an incredibly tumultuous time for families.

During CreateAthon, JFG developed van graphics using welcoming and child-friendly imagery that helped to convey a positive image for children and families in a difficult situation. The same styling was used in the development of new billboards, pull-up banners and bus station advertisements that promoted Family Promise. Through these materials, the organization was able to help increase its visibility and help those in need learn of their presence while also making potential donors aware of how they could contribute.