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Jacobs Ladder™ cardio equipment is designed for fitness enthusiasts, athletes and professionals who are interested in taking their cardiovascular fitness to a new level. Their unique designs offer high intensity, low impact workouts for both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

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Bob Palka, owner of Jacobs Ladder Inc. (JLI), had to make a 180-degree turn with his business when the pandemic hit. The fitness company was ready to launch its new product, the JLX, but needed a new strategy as gyms continued to shut down around the world. At the time, JLI sold mostly to commercial gyms and personal training centers. This also included fire and police department training centers.

Social Media

When Palka met with the JFG digital team in October 2020, we created a digital strategy to promote his newest product launch – the JLX. The strategy would attack the market in a way that had never been done by JLI before: Rather than promoting to commercial gyms through trade shows and publications, the focus would be on generating residential sales via social media ads.

JL Facebook ad
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The strategy consisted of targeted Facebook and Instagram ads and promotional videos and included a variety of audiences that were tested on an ongoing basis and adjusted based on performance. Most audiences were focused on higher-income homes with interests in high-intensity interval training and working out at home. While the campaign focused primarily on the US, UK and Canada, other countries were included throughout the campaign based on how open they were based on Covid.

The Results

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Website Clicks:


Website Conversions


Prior to COVID-19, residential sales made up only 15% of sales. These sales are now up to 40-43% residential with the remaining coming from commercial sales. 

The digital advertising continued throughout 2021, and sales are back at where they were in 2018 and 2019 even with 22% fewer gyms.

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Even in times of crisis, you still need to make sure that your brand is found by those in need of the products or services you offer that can help fulfill a need. With Jacobs Ladder, we helped connect consumers with highly sought after exercise equipment. We can help with your business, too.

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