Marketing & Web Design

Tri-Main Development

Occupying the historic Trico Plant No. 2 on Main Street in Buffalo, the Tri-Main Center serves as a unique mixed-use building, offering office and business space for new businesses and those starting to grow and expand. The owner, Tri-Main Development, also sought to grow and expand, and turned to JFG for assistance with developing a greater presentation for its marketing. Working with Tri-Main, JFG redeveloped the center’s website, creating a new platform that was more visually appealing, provided more information for visitors about the building and available spaces, and loaded properly on all devices thanks to the responsive site design.

In addition, JFG has produced several printed items for Tri-Main, including elevator graphics seen by all visitors and workers at the center every day and print advertising in support of events, including the triennial Trimania celebration of arts and culture held at the center.