RopeFit Branding & Product Launch

Jacobs Ladder

Jacobs Ladder, a manufacturer of intensive workout equipment and machines for use in commercial gyms and home settings, contacted JFG for help with the launch of its latest product – the RopeFit® rope climber. This new piece of exercise gear offered a lot of benefits to gyms, including a first-in-the-industry cleanable rope system to help improve sanitation in fitness centers and a self-powered design that made it easy to place anywhere in the facility. But first, Jacobs Ladder needed to develop the brand and launch it for customers.

After initial concepting meetings with the client, JFG started by planning a photo and video shoot of the new machine ahead of the RopeFit’s first public appearance at a trade show in San Diego. JFG developed a concept script for a promotional video and worked with Jacobs Ladder to capture footage at the company’s North Tonawanda headquarters and see the RopeFit in action.

After seeing the machine up close, JFG created a new logo that made the RopeFit stand out, developing a recognizable icon for the brand while working to match the existing Jacobs Ladder logo and design aesthetic used with other existing products. With the footage captured and logo created, short promo videos were produced for use at the trade show, online and on social media that included details about all the RopeFit’s features and capabilities.

JFG also produced a two-sided sales sheet, showing off the different innovative features that make the RopeFit stand out on the market and covering all of the relevant technical details and dimensions that buyers need to know. In addition, JFG worked to update the Jacobs Ladder website to include the new RopeFit, as well as the optional available seat that can help users adapt their workout to focus on different muscle groups.

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