Stand for Safety

Volvo Construction Equipment

As part of its drive to improve awareness and culture around working safely, Volvo Construction Equipment worked with JFG to develop a new campaign for its U.S. headquarters in Shippensburg, Penn. The campaign needed to appeal to all employees and help to grow the safety mindset in all workers, from those on the machine line to management.

JFG started by working to develop a campaign theme, starting with a visit to the facility to tour the plant and better understand the environment and layout of the facility and to further outline the goals of the campaign and what was possible within the actual structure. The tagline “Stand for Safety” came from these meetings and was then adapted for use in a range of different messaging and collateral items.

Collateral developed for the campaign included outdoor flag pole banners, door wraps to the entrance of the plant, branded floor mats and cardboard standees using actual Volvo employees to represent real “safety heroes.” JFG also created large break room wall banners and even branded giveaway items for employees like travel mugs, hats and cellphone cases. Once all materials were completed, the campaign launched with a large presentation to all employees, including a session for everyone to sign a large banner to mark their personal commitment to safety at the Shippensburg facility.

The broad-scope campaign ensured that the campaign was well positioned and prominent at Volvo, and helped to keep safety at the top of all employees’ minds. This drive to help foster a more safety-conscious environment strives to make working conditions better for everyone’s benefit, and continues today to further grow the culture of safety, health and wellness among all employees.

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