Branding & Social Media

SANY Canada

SANY Canada is the latest division of worldwide SANY Heavy Equipment, now expanding to serve customers in the provinces of Canada. SANY has developed a reputation for strong performance combined with affordability in the heavy machinery industry, but needed help to build awareness in the new Canadian market.

 JFG worked with SANY Canada to develop print and digital advertisements and collateral, including business cards, a promotional flyer and pull-up banners for use in dealer locations and tradeshow displays. In addition, JFG worked with the manufacturer to develop a comprehensive social media strategy, helping to create an active presence that engages with audiences on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Interest has picked up in the months since the start of the campaign, and JFG continues to grow SANY Canada’s presence on social networks while working to assist with setting brand guidelines for new dealers and developing the collateral items needed for these new vendors to establish and maintain the SANY standard to create a consistent experience for customers across the nation.

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