Branding & Awareness Campaign

UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

For more than a decade, J. Fitzgerald Group (JFG) has had a trusted partnership with UBMD Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine (UBMDOSM) the largest orthopaedics group in Western New York. During that time, UBMDOSM has grown from 20 physicians to over 40 physicians and is still expanding.

JFG helped to establish UBMDOSM as WNY’s premier orthopaedic group for bones, joints, muscles, concussions and more – committed to improving lives in our community by offering a full range of orthopaedic care for patients. With fellowship-trained doctors in all specialties andsubspecialties their expertise gives patients the best possible care, proven with experience and excellence.

Challenge: Although UBMDOSM is recognized by both the medical community and their patients as best, they needed a strong brand message that positioned them firmly as the orthopaedics experts in WNY. While developing the overarching brand message, “Expertise”was always at the center of the work UBMDOSM was doing which led to the brand message “Expertise is Everything” with a supporting message, “The Best AtMaking You Better”. “Expertise” relating to both fellowship-trained doctors and all specialties and subspecialties; and “Everything” referring to continuous superior outcomes.

Solution: JFG provided an already practiced value proposition that supported UBMDOSM’s commitment to orthopaedics. It’s what patients and referring physicians relate to by inspiring them, persuading them, and motivating them to seek UBMDOSM for orthopaedic care – turning to the experts who are “the best at making patients better” whether it’s through their expert care, or research or teaching and training young doctors on the skills needed to heal the patients of tomorrow.

The brand messaging continues to be used in all ongoing marketing initiatives both internal and external promoting the group through numerous multi-marketing campaigns both traditional and digital.