Website and BrandingJMI Consultants, LLC

Website and Branding
JMI Consultants, LLC

Website & Branding JMI Consultants, LLC JMI Consultants, LLC, has been focused on helping businesses properly source their energy needs for over 60 years, but was looking for a strategic partner that could help them expand into the digital marketplace and grow...
Website & BrandingBewley Building

Website & Branding
Bewley Building

Website & Branding Bewley Building The Bewley Building – the most iconic and prestigious office location in Lockport – was looking for a marketing partner to help update its digital presence in the hopes of reaching new potential tenants. Naturally,...
Website & Branding GymBro Fitness

Website & Branding
GymBro Fitness

Website & Branding GymBro Fitness GymBro Fitness started in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 crisis as a way to help people maintain their physical and mental health by providing access to remanufactured fitness equipment, allowing people stuck at home to exercise...
Brand Development  AAA Timberline

Brand Development
AAA Timberline

Website & Branding AAA Timberline AAA Timberline has been solving chimney and fireplace problems for Western New York for over 35 years and recently partnered with JFG to launch a total brand refresh. Although JFG handled some aspects of traditional media such as...