Brand Voice Development

You have your own distinctive attitude and tone in your personal interactions with friends, loved ones, colleagues and clients. Whether you’re funny, serious, kind or direct, your voice is how you get your point across and how you communicate with those around you.

What about the voice for your brand?

A brand’s voice is just as important for your business or organization as your own personal tone. How your brand speaks to potential customers helps those who are looking for your products or services get a sense of your operations and how you approach your work. A playful tone can be welcoming and inviting, but may not be the right approach for a construction company. But that direct and in-your-face voice is equally inappropriate for marketing a child care center.

We can help you find the balance.

 Finding Your Voice

At JFG, we can help you find your brand voice and develop a style and approach for your marketing. We can work with you to get a sense of how your organization positions itself and what you offer to consumers and help create a persona for your organization. Whether your branding speaks with swagger, boastful of your benefits, or you prefer to stay playful and use banter as your tool for persuasion, we can help you create the perfect tagline, slogan or messaging to suit your needs.

Plus, as a full-service agency, JFG can help adapt your voice to suit a variety of different mediums. Once we know how to tell your story, we can shout it from the rooftops – literally, with billboard ads – and create branded collateral for digital advertising, website and social media content, television and radio scripts, print ads and sales materials and much more.

Learn More Today

Speak with the experts in brand voice development and marketing – talk with the team at JFG. Our team can discuss your needs with you and help you create the perfect way to speak with current and potential clients, donors, partners and more. Reach out today by calling 716.433.7688 or complete a contact form online to request a time to discuss.

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