Direct Mail

Direct mail advertising has been around for centuries, delivering campaign information to mailboxes across the nation and around the world. With a direct mail campaign, you can make sure your brand reaches every home and business recipient in your targeted area, delivering information about your organization or company, details about incentives or special deals and inviting these individuals to make a purchase or work with you. These campaigns have been successful for many years, and JFG can help you design, create and send a mailer that will help generate leads and grow your business. 

From Inbox to Mailbox

Many people still enjoy receiving offers and information by mail as opposed to emails or digital promotions. Mail gets to people where they live, and can be targeted to regions regardless of whether or not you have an email or other way to reach these audiences. That makes direct mail advertising more broadly appealing and provides access to people in a given geographic region – key for local service businesses like contractors, installers, service technicians or restaurants. 

At JFG, we can help you with every step in crafting a direct mail campaign from start to finish. Work with us to outline the goal or offer for your mailing, and let our copywriting staff craft a message that grabs the attention of recipients. Then our design team gets to work, creating a design that pops and is sure to catch the eye and stand out in the mailbox. Finally, we work with the postal service and you to purchase distribution lists that cover the circulation area you want to reach and handle printing and delivery to the USPS for mailing. 


From Local Mail to Local Search

Does your local business need help getting more exposure and awareness to customers near you? Direct mail is just one of the many ways JFG can help. We also offer digital capabilities like local search optimization which can help make sure that people looking for services or products like those you offer can find you when they’re searching online. We can also help market your business through paid search ads and paid social media promotions that you can connect with promotional codes or other trackable incentives, allowing you to match up purchases to the campaign to fully realize the return on your investment. 

Postcards, Fliers and More

Whatever kind of direct mail campaign you want to take on, call on JFG to help. Our decades of experience in branding, advertising and marketing means we know how to craft the right message and have the knowledge of USPS requirements and processes that can help make processing your direct mail campaign a breeze. Drop us an email or call us today and find out how we can help you reach mailboxes near you.

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