If you plan to sell products online, book service appointments or schedule office or on-site visits, you need an e-commerce site. E-commerce sites are any website that serves as a store for customers, allowing visitors to buy and book appointments or ship items. The future of sales is online – and the future is now. Get with the times or stay up with the latest trends with JFG.

Make Sales 24/7 with E-commerce

You can’t keep your store open at every hour or keep sales employees working around the clock. But your website can be available 24/7. With e-commerce functionality configured on your site, potential customers can learn about you, your organization and what you offer and make a purchase conveniently online. If you sell products, you can come back in the morning or after the weekend to find fresh new orders to prepare for pickup or shipping. If you’re a service business, online buyers can pay and schedule online, adding their appointment to your schedule without any need for you to be available to take a call or check your calendar.

E-commerce allows you to always be working, using your website as your digital showroom and salesperson who’s always available to take orders and answer questions. Take your business to the next level by growing your sales opportunities online.


E-commerce Integration

E-commerce on WordPress can also connect with a wide variety of different management tools and utilities, making it possible to streamline your processes. When you work with JFG, we’ll discuss what systems you currently use such as point-of-sale systems, customer relationship management software, shipping and tracking platforms and more. We can then look to use different e-commerce utilities and plugins that can integrate any sales online to your existing systems, streamlining the process and allowing you to simply integrate online sales to your existing workflow. 

Grow Your Sales Online with JFG

Adding e-commerce to your site or developing a new site with online sales capabilities can grow your business and open your market to a broader network of customers. Orders can be placed at any time and product vendors can expand their client base to include customers from nearly anywhere around the world. See how you can grow sales and increase your business. Call JFG today or fill out our contact form now. 

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