Logo Development

Some of the most recognizable brands are known not necessarily by their name or their products, but by their logos. People are, by our nature, a visual species, and we can recall many details about something just with a simple look at a logo. Is your logo telling your story and resonating with your audience? Let JFG’s graphic team renovate or create your brand iconography.

Artistic Promotion

Having a well-designed and recognizable logo associated with your organization can play a big role in any branding or awareness campaign. Your logo is intimately associated with your business or group and offers instant brand recognition for those who see it. It stands for the quality and integrity you bring to every job or the capability and reliability of your products. Your logo speaks for your brand, so it’s important that it looks great and includes your organization’s colors and conveys the right tone.

Think about the logos you know on sight – the ones that are truly iconic and memorable. What makes them stand out? Vibrant colors, memorable shapes and simple but distinctive designs. We won’t guarantee your logo will join the ranks of Mastercard®, Apple® or Nike® in terms of instant recognition, but we will give you a design that is sure to be memorable and truly represent you and your business or organization.

Logo Designs Ready for Anything

When you work with the graphic design expertise of J. Fitzgerald Group, you’ll get a collaborative partner who listens to your ideas and needs and works to take your concepts and make them real. We can provide a few design choices for you to consider and refine the perfect look to meet your idea of the ideal logo. Plus, we can deliver a high-resolution file that can be adapted for use on any platform or in any media, whether it’s a thumbnail favicon for your website or billboard-size prints along the highway.

Create Your New Logo with JFG

Simple or intricate, colorful or black and white, the team at JFG can help you find the right look for your group or business logo. We’ll work with you on a new design, whether for your company or a new product or service offering, putting together a great look that represents you. Tell us what you have in mind today by giving us a call or fill out our online contact form to learn more. 

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