Planning & Placement

Whether your advertising campaign is focused on promoting your brand, increasing awareness or driving customers to your products or services, getting your message created is only the start. To be effective, you need media placements that are where your customers are – stations they watch on TV, channels they stream online, radio networks they listen to in the car and much more. Do you know what platforms offer the best reach for your audience in your market? We do – so let us handle it.

Making Connections 

Your branding or advertising strategy is prefaced on wanting to make connections. You want to connect with potential customers and want them to make a purchase and then share their experience with friends, family and professional connections to further grow and expand your brand awareness and overall sales. It all starts with connecting with the right outlets, and that starts at JFG.

Our media planning expertise means that we can help assess the goals of your campaign, the message that you’re looking to use and the demographics of your customer base and use that information to drive decisions on media placement. That can include the time and day, network and platform, programming and shows and much more, all working to deliver the best exposure and reach at the best price.  

Cost Conscious and Effective

At JFG, we know that your marketing dollars are a precious resource. That’s why we work to make every dollar reach as far as possible. We work to negotiate the best prices for ad placements and look for additional incentives, opportunities and extended reach whenever possible. We succeed when you succeed, and we will work to make sure you find success with your advertising plan and media placements. 

Make Your Plan with Us

Whether you already have a campaign and are looking to get it on the air or need help with the entire ad creation and placement process, JFG is here to help. As a full-service agency, we can tackle every aspect of your marketing campaign and work as your partner to deliver success and results. Learn how we can work together by giving us a call today.

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