Radio Ads

For almost a century, radio advertisements have played alongside the latest hits, talk shows and news on American airwaves. Radio advertising is one of the first modern promotional platforms, and continues to enjoy success today not only still on conventional AM and FM stations, but on satellite radio, streaming media and more. If you’re thinking of promoting your brand or business on the air, let JFG help put together the perfect ad for your organization.

Tell to Show

Unlike television, print, outdoor or even digital ads, radio is unique in that it’s all about telling a story. Without the aid of a visual reference, it’s important that the content of your radio ad tell the listener everything that they need to know to make a decision. For an awareness campaign, that may be discussing what your organization or company does and how it can benefit the customer. For service and product campaigns, you have to engage the listener and make them understand why what you offer is good for them and how it helps to solve a problem or need.

At JFG, we know the complexities involved in making something unseen come to life and how to engage the listener and make them want to learn more. Let us write your script and highlight the benefits of your organization or your products or services on your local airwaves. 

Targeted to Your Audiences

With modern streaming platforms and satellite radio, the ability to reach the right audience has been made more accessible. Using networks like Pandora or Spotify, we can target listeners within a specific geography, allowing you to get your message to current or potential customers right where you want to target. Some of these platforms also offer opportunities for multimedia, allowing you to extend the experience and lead customers to a website to learn more or make a purchase. Let us handle placement for your radio ad and we’ll work to deliver the greatest value for each of your marketing dollars. 

Tune in to JFG

Pump up the volume on your next radio ad with the help of JFG. We’ll work with you to identify your goals and create a compelling script, work on identifying voice talent, and handle placement on terrestrial, satellite and streaming networks. See how we can put our experience to work for you today. Give us a call or complete an online contact form now.

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