Social Media Strategy

Looking to expand your brand’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or another social network? It’s not just as simple as making new posts. These networks are a great way to share information as an individual, but if you’re a business or organization, a complex set of rules and algorithms can you put you at a disadvantage.

Did You Know?

  • Facebook’s algorithm means posts from organizations get shown to just a fraction of your followers – as low as 2 percent in some cases.
  • Relevance – this is how relevant your post is to an audience and it plays a big role in most networks’ calculation of whether your content is displayed or not.
  • Regularity plays a big role, too, with brands that don’t regularly publish seeing less exposure than those with an ongoing regimen of updates and posts.
  • The time of day, day of the week and type of post (like a poll or image) can also have a big impact on how much engagement and traffic you’ll see from each post.

We Love it When a Plan Comes Together 

Fortunately, our social media experts can help you navigate the choppy waters and steer you on a course to success with your social strategy. We work with you to identify your platforms or opportunities for you to expand your social presence, create posting strategies optimized for the greatest impact and relevance to your audience, and improve your page on each network with custom graphics and images that are scaled to each platform’s requirements. We also work to ensure all your contact details and business information is accurate, up to date and standardized across your social media and make sure it’s matched to your other online and offline standards.

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We know social media, so let us show you what we know. Contact us today to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs and learn how we can guide your success on each of the different social platforms. Call 716.433.7688 or fill out a contact form online.

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