Strategy is everything when it comes to your marketing. Without it, things are just scattershot, and that’s a huge waste of money and time. The increased competition for mindshare among prospective customers demands that you always think strategically. That’s where JFG excels. We work with you to devise a strategic marketing plan that makes sense for your company – and then we help execute it flawlessly.

Market Research

The basis for any successful marketing plan is research. JFG will assess your current positioning in the market and identify your strengths and weaknesses – as well as those of your competition. We do this through focus groups, test clinics, benefit testing, blind surveys and more. Then we use that information as the basis for all planning.

Brand Voice Development

A brand’s voice speaks through every platform. Whether the marketing is online, outdoor or broadcast, you need a consistent and standardized approach. Let us help you find your voice and your position in the marketplace so your brand can speak confidently on every medium.

Strategic Planning

The old saying, “If you’re failing to plan then you’re planning to fail” is nowhere truer than as it relates to advertising and marketing. As the world continues to change, you need to adapt and change with it or your company will get lost. JFG will work with you to develop – and then adapt – your strategic plan so you reach the right audience with the right message using the right medium.

Social Media Strategy

Most companies realize they need to utilize social media, but sometimes they don’t know why or how to do it. Having a social media strategy is basically like having a roadmap for social networks, helping you make the most of your online presence. Let us help you develop your social media plans, manage boosted posting strategies and make your social media truly stand out.

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