Television Ads

The first television ad aired on American airwaves back in 1941, promoting watches and kicking off an entirely new industry dedicated to creating the most compelling and successful campaign to gain attention and steer customers toward a particular brand. At JFG, we continue in that grand tradition, working with our clients in a variety of industries and regions to script and produce TV ads that shine. 

TV Scripts and Production

The production of a new television ad generally starts with a conversation with you, learning what your goals are and working to understand the scope of a campaign. Whether you’re looking for a spot to increase awareness of your business or organization, want to promote a sale or offer, or just want to highlight your company’s services or product offerings, we can work to create a script to take your message to air. We’ll work to understand if you want your ad to take a serious or professional tone or something more playful and engaging, and work on revisions to the script to meet length requirements and your preferences.

Once complete, we facilitate the production of your script, arranging video shoots, hiring talent, scheduling support staff like hair and makeup professionals, and refining the film with post-production editing, music, digital effects and more. Once you approve the final cut, we’ll also handle scheduling and placement, working with stations in your area to maximize the exposure to your targeted audience by selecting programming blocks that are most popular with your demographic and working to deliver the greatest value for your marketing dollars. 

We can also take your produced spot and work to place it on digital and streaming outlets, delivering your ad to different demographics or to viewers who use online video services instead. These spots offer a wealth of data on the performance of your ad and can also be targeted to specific content types, allowing JFG to place your video ad alongside shows or programming that aligns with the profile of your target customers. 

Beyond Your Ad

Television ads aren’t the only way to gain exposure on local stations. Our media buyer works with partners at each station to identify opportunities for additional promotion for your brand. The options vary, but can include digital banner placement on station websites, advertorial article placement, station-produced added-value spots, interview opportunities on local lifestyles or news chat shows and much more. We treat your budget like our own, and work diligently to deliver the greatest value for your brand and your business.

Get On the Air with JFG

Let the experts at JFG handle scripting, production and placement for your next television ad campaign. We know how to create engaging ads that attract attention and get your message out to audiences effectively. Chat with us and see how we can help promote your brand and your business. Call today or fill out an online form to get started. 

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