Last of a Breed

Laramy “Sasquatch” Miller is a mystery of sorts, but he wanted his new show “Last of a Breed” to be as visible as possible. Through the use of paid and organic social media campaigns, we successfully promoted the show and his brand to his existing – and new – fans.

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Building Awareness with Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are very effective at reaching a large number of people with specific interests or demographics. We utilized a paid video campaign to reach a nationwide audience that was interested in watching Laramy’s new show, “Last of a Breed.” With defined targeting and eye-catching visuals, we were able to deliver over 720,000 impressions and increase awareness and viewership of his Sportsman Channel show.

Paid Campaigns

We strategically used paid campaigns to reach a new audience that was interested in watching “Last of a Breed.” The Facebook ads increased viewership.

Organic Management

Monthly organic posting is a great way to interact and engage with Laramy’s Facebook fans. This keeps the page active and the fans engaged.

Social Monitoring

The Facebook page has over 26,000 followers, which means we are constantly monitoring the page for comments, messages and questions.


116,584 Video Plays

The number of people that watched at least 15 seconds of the video.

721,580 Impressions

The number of times the ad was on screen.

420,353 Reach

The number of people who saw the ad at least once.

5,445 Link Clicks

The number of people that clicked to visit the website.

Engaging Your Audience with Organic Posting

Organic posting is an incredibly efficient and effective way to connect with your audience, receive feedback, establish trust and build loyalty.

New Page Likes

Average Monthly Engagement

Average Monthly Reach

Social Media Posts

It’s important that social media content is visually interesting and engages with the audience. Laramy’s Facebook posts are designed to be personable and interesting to his audience so they can relate to the content posted.

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