JFG Marketing Tips

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The following tips have been curated by JFG’s subject matter experts and are meant to offer some recommendations on what your business can be doing on your own now.

Website/SEO/Content Tips

  • Monitor your website for hacks or redirects. Keep plugins up to date and change admin passwords regularly to help protect your site.
  • SEO remains important, maintain your current SEO efforts or look to start or increase your work to help get your site atop the search results.
  • Continue to update your website or blog to build trust with your customers. Maintain your brand’s marketing message with a relevant tone to the current events. You should also keep updating visitors on  any closures, special messages for customers, etc.
  • Update work hours on the website and repeat this on your Google My Business profile.
  • Visit this link to learn Why SEO Remains Important During the Pandemic

Social Media Tips

  • Keep the momentum going on your social media pages by continuing to post and engage with your customers with at least 2-3 posts per week.
  • Tune your message to be sensitive to what’s happening during the crisis and be thoughtful about your tone of voice in your posts.
  • Start a paid campaign on Facebook and/or Instagram. People will spend a high percentage of their time scrolling through social media, so now is a perfect time to get your brand in front of them. Use messaging that they can relate to during this time.
  • Utilize video to help answer questions about your industry.
  • Be sure your social media profiles are updated with accurate hours and other important information.
  • View our tip guide for more information:
    Download tip guide here

Digital Marketing Tips

  • Divert your marketing budget that would have normally been spent on trade shows, private events or other traditional forms of advertising to digital efforts such as PPC, video ads or banner ads.
  • Tweak ad copy of your digital campaigns to ensure your tone and message sits right. Also check your calls-to-action and keywords to make sure they are relevant.

JFG Support Package

If any or all of these tips become too cumbersome or time-consuming, we have created an marketing support package.

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