Nonprofit organizations work in support of a wide range of causes and efforts. Budgets can be tight, and awareness can be a major difficulty. We understand, and have spent almost two decades supporting these groups and helping them grow and thrive.

Good for the Greater Good

Not-for-profit organizations often work to benefit those who are most in need of help. Whether it’s a group that supports childhood diseases or poverty, educational needs or homeless populations or any of countless other deserving causes, nonprofits tirelessly work to improve people’s lives. That’s why at JFG, we work tirelessly in kind to do the best work we can to support the needs and goals of these groups.

Nonprofit Marketing

Driving awareness and visibility are common goals in nonprofit marketing, and at JFG we’ve got plenty of experience doing just that. We’ve worked with regional groups, national campaigns and even international organizations to promote their causes and make donors and benefactors more aware of their efforts. We also work on other proactive campaigns, including awareness campaigns to those who can benefit from your efforts, fundraising drives, digital marketing, event advertising and promotion, support collateral design and production and so much more.

Benefits for Your Benefit

At JFG, our experience with the needs of nonprofit organizations makes us experts at helping your group or charity grow and succeed. Our knowledge of not-for-profit marketing needs, challenges and desired outcomes allows us to help you thrive where others can’t, and our respect for the need for every dollar to make the most impact allows us to work deftly, yet effectively to support your goals. See how we can help – call us to discuss your challenges today.

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For more than a decade, JFG has participated in Western New York’s only CreateAthon, part of a national effort to provide free marketing and advertising services to local community nonprofits every year. See how we give back to organizations in need in the Buffalo area and how you can get involved in 2019.


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