‘For All the Right Reasons’ Campaign

The GreenFields Continuing Care Community

After using the “Life Is Beautiful” campaign for several years, JFG and The GreenFields Continuing Care Community, part of Niagara Lutheran Health System, decided to embark on a new marketing campaign. After several strategy meetings and brainstorming sessions, the theme “For All the Right Reasons” was created, offering a positive perspective and platform to discuss the different services and options available at the community in Lancaster, NY.

This campaign included the development of a wide range of collateral and media for use across platforms. JFG developed the concept, wrote and directed three TV commercials, filmed on site at The GreenFields, highlighting the care offerings and advantages of the community. In addition, we developed marketing materials to adapt the new campaign for use in print ads, brochures, digital ads (paid search advertising) and Facebook ads. 

We also developed a new website that offered a more immersive and stratified experience for end users, more accessibility, greater loading speed and mobile responsiveness while incorporating the new theme throughout.

The new site also offered opportunities to expand the search engine optimization efforts, which achieved tremendous results:

• Increase of 679 positions in Google rankings in six months after launch

• 34 percent increase in website sessions in six months post-launch compared to prior period

• 31 percent increase in tracked clicks from “Google My Business” searches

• 249 percent increase in tracked calls made from “Google My Business”