Hotsy Carlson

Hotsy Carlson provides a full line of pressure washing equipment, parts washers, detergents and service options for customers in Texas’ Hill Country region. JFG recently worked with the company to help increase website traffic and inquiries around disinfectants and cleaning supplies in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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Search Engine Optimization

Hotsy Carlson offers a full line of cleaning solutions and disinfectants, which have been highly sought after in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. JFG worked on Hotsy Carlson’s website SEO to help increase visibility in search engine results for relevant queries, resulting in substantial increases in visitors to the site, form submissions and visibility in search results for tracked keywords for the period of February to April 2020.  

11,219 Website Sessions

The number of times users came to the website – an increase of 103 percent year over year.

166% Organic Sessions Increase

The percentage increase in website traffic from organic sessions compared year over year.

237 Net Positions

The net increase in keyword positions in Google search results across all tracked keywords and search locations over the three-month period.

Paid Search

JFG focuses on generating phone calls for Hotsy Carlson through paid search tactics. The campaign generated 109 phone calls from February to April 2020, a 56% increase from the previous three months. With the consistent optimization made to the Google PPC account, we continue to see a constant increase in phone calls being generated. Each phone call is tracked and recorded using call tracking software that can later be listened to and marked as a qualified lead or not a qualified lead.

56% Increase In Phone Calls

The campaign generated 109 phone calls from February to April 2020, a 56% increase compared to the previous three months.

7.49% CTR

The 7.49 percent CTR is 4.88 percent higher than the industry benchmark

536 Website Clicks

The PPC campaign generated more than 500 clicks to the Hotsy Carlson website.

Paid Search

We strategically used paid search campaigns to generate phone calls.

Google Optimizations

 We continuously optimized the campaigns for success.

Call Tracking

JFG uses call tracking and recording software to determine qualified leads. 

Boost Your Digital Marketing With JFG

Even in times of crisis, you still need to make sure that your brand is found by those in need of the products or services you offer that can help fulfill a need. With Hotsy Carlson, we helped connect consumers with highly sought after detergents, helping to keep families, employees and other customers safe. We can help with your business, too.

From SEO and PPC to social media marketing, website development and much more, start a conversation with us and learn how we can help your brand thrive online.