NeighborWorks Community Project Case Study

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NeighborWorks Community Partners (NCP) is a non-profit organization committed to providing housing solutions for individuals, families and neighborhoods and, as an independent catalyst, to strengthen communities across the United States and Western New York. The organization provides education and resources for first-time homebuyers and to homeowners in need of home repairs and energy-efficient repairs as well as those who are in the rental market.

The expertly trained staff at NCP teams up with banks and other community supporters to assist neighbors with programs in homebuyer education, financial fitness, low-interest lending, home repairs and rehab, lead testing and energy-efficient assessments. NCP also helps people stay in their homes not only through repairs but through foreclosure prevention.

The Strategy

The NCP branch that serves Buffalo, Rochester, and Niagara Falls tasked J. Fitzgerald Group to come up with a strategy to further boost the organization’s brand and bring added awareness to the various programs available to their target audience.

The strategy consisted of creating a tagline, Helping You Own, Repair, Rent, plus an overarching message, Invested in You. In addition, JFG came up with a headline series, Working for ME, Working for US, Working for YOU.


Tactics included branding, tagline, testimonials, billboards, bus shelters and collateral (door hangers, posters, brochures, and pull-up banners), a digital marketing blend (PPC, landing page, banner ads and social media ads) and an improved website. The imagery used showcased a diverse and inclusive population, similar to the one that NCP serves. 

NeighborWorks Community Parters Results

The results included Facebook ads that produced 10,664 Clicks and 805,000 impressions with an average CPC of $.57 and a CTR of 1.32 percent. The campaign generated 82 form submissions. It was noted that the 65+ age group had the highest CTR and generated the most leads.

Google ads produced 60 clicks and 406 impressions with an average CPC of $1.52.



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