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For years, Orleans/Niagara BOCES promoted their continuing education classes through traditional marketing methods. With the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to find a new way to promote their classes. After an initial meeting to learn more about BOCES goals, JFG suggested a mix of digital tactics — social media campaigns, banner ads and video ads

Social Media

We strategically used paid social campaigns to generate awareness and build leads.

Digital Display Ads

Banner ads were shown on various websites with precise geotargeting data.

Video Ads

We utilized  a :15 promo video created by the client within the paid digital mix to test against the performance of the static ads.


We utilized Facebook and Instagram ads to increase awareness and people interested in the continuing education classes. We utilized 5 different ads and adjusted the campaign depending on which was performing the best. The ads showcased various class options.

Targeting for all of the campaigns was the Niagara County area, focused on those who showed interest in jobs, professional development, training and vocational education. We also targeted specific job industries such as building trades and electrical.

The Facebook campaign had over 432,786 impressions and reached 31,592 people.
The campaign generated 1,618 website clicks with a CTR of .72%. This is right on target with the industry average of .73%.

Display Banner Ads

The display ads ran alongside paid social media campaigns to further extend reach and frequency. The ads targeted people who were actively searching for continuing education and other similar keywords. This was done by using a custom-intent audience that JFG created.

The display campaign generated over 1,502,652 impressions and 598 website clicks.
Some top placements included,,,,, and


We ran two campaigns for Video Ads. We ran a skippable video campaign where viewers can skip after 5 seconds and a non-skippable campaign where viewers must watch the full 15 seconds of the video. 

The video campaigns generated a total of 44,510 impressions 80 website clicks.

Tactic Flexibility: We moved a portion of the video campaign budget to Facebook ads because social media was showing better performance. This flexibility is one of the key benefits of digital media.

Digital Advertising With JFG

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