City of Lockport: Website & Social Media


The website for the City of Lockport, NY was outdated – difficult for visitors to navigate and for city employees to update. Much of the information that was available on the site was hard to find and, once you found it, often past its expiration date. City officials met with JFG to see what could be done to create a site that was more welcoming and useful for visitors, and easier for city employees to update.


 JFG and its partners from the city held an initial goal meeting and starting brainstorming to create a more sensible, intuitive architecture that takes visitors where they want to go in a hurry, with the fewest clicks possible. The site was created using the best practices of responsive web design so it works on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. The site now includes easy-to-access forms and information for all city departments and up-to-the-minute news and information for residents.

JFG also took on the city’s social media presence and now maintains both their Facebook and Twitter accounts. A preplanned calendar and regular posting about timely issues such as road closures, COVID-19 reports and deadlines for recreational activities make the page indispensable for Lockport’s citizenry and business community.


The City of Lockport website is now regularly stocked with fresh, valuable content that rewards return traffic, and engagement via social media has experienced a steady increase.

Social Media:

  • December 2018 = 1,068 total likes
  • May 2021 = 2,115 total likes
  • Total New Page Likes = 1,047
  • Total Audience Engagements = 13,000
  • Total Reach = 290,000


  • 2018 = 125 followers
  • 2021 = 375 followers
  • Total New Followers = 250
  • All grown organically with no paid advertising