Market Research

One of the most important stages in creating a marketing or branding strategy is market research. Understanding your audience and your competition is key to putting together a comprehensive plan that can succeed. You wouldn’t go fishing without bait, and in marketing, market research helps you know what kind of bait can help you succeed.

At JFG, we have experience working on marketing strategies in Buffalo with our local clients, but we’ve also helped with clients in their native area or with national and even worldwide reach. We’ve worked with international names like Volvo Construction Equipment, conducting in-person testing, focus groups and more to help understand what prospective customers want and how they typically find information on the products or services they need.

We also handle competitive analyses, working to help both you and us understand your position in the marketplace. Different industries and different locations have distinctive dynamics among competition and market awareness for any given brand or organization. By working to understand where you stand and how local audiences understand you, we can put together an approach to your branding or marketing campaign that will have the greatest impact and increase your exposure and name recognition with clients, customers or contributors. 

Methods and Approaches

Our team can work with you on a wide range of research options to help get insights into your industry and audience. Market research tools include:

Focus Groups
Test Clinics

Benefit Testing
Blind Surveys

Demographic Analysis
Customer Surveys

Product Testing
Equipment Demos

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Looking for actionable insights to help your business or organization get a leg up in the marketplace? Let JFG give you that boost. Our team can work with you to create a market research plan to arm you with the information you need to succeed.

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