Media Relations

Let’s say you’ve just launched a new product, service or charitable initiative and want to get the word out to news outlets. This isn’t a simple process for most organizations, who lack the contacts or experience of working with the media. Fortunately, JFG not only knows how to craft a compelling release and work to get coverage for your brand, but with a staff of former journalists, we know how newsrooms work and can use that insight to help you get the exposure you need. 

Telling Your Story to Storytellers

Getting your news out there is a multi-step process, starting with drafting your pitch and identifying your target distribution channels. Once we understand your message and goals, we can work to get your release to digital, print, television and radio outlets in your market or region. We develop relationships with media partners in your area, working to share your news and provide opportunities for additional input or follow-up coverage, growing the awareness of your brand among the audiences that matter most to your organization. 

Research and Relevance

When you work with JFG, we also work as your partner, spending time to develop contacts, understand the media coverage for your industry or region, and forging new relationships that will help share your messaging. Our research helps us understand not only your media, but also your competition, and allows us to make recommendations on how to differentiate yourself from other businesses or identify opportunities for you to participate in or sponsor relevant events or promotions. 

Manage Your Media with JFG

At JFG, we have years of experience working with print, digital and television journalists, giving us a wealth of knowledge and expertise at helping brands communicate their news and gain additional exposure and awareness in their markets. Let us show you what we can do for you. Fill out a form today or give us a call and let’s work together to grow your brand.

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