Old-school ways are still effective


Long before social media, digital ads and the internet, there was “traditional marketing” – that quaint form of advertising that included television, radio, outdoor (billboards/bus boards), public relations and, yes, even print. And while the obituary has been drafted for many of those platforms – and some people want to think they’re already dead – they still haven’t been pulled off life support yet. Traditional media is still quite effective, and JFG is well-versed in all forms.


If you hate annoying commercials, let’s do something about it.

We’re no different than you are: we hate stupid commercials and will mute them or switch the channel when they come on. But when the ads are done well – and tell your story in a compelling and memorable way –they can be wildly effective.

And while people have more options for viewing shows or listening to music, they offer a great venue to get your message out. Let JFG help create TV or radio ads that will stand out – without pissing people off.


Print may be dying, but it isn’t dead quite yet

Sure, newspapers, magazines, trade journals and other forms of print mediums are on the decline.  They have been for years. But they are still popular with a certain set of people. And while those people are still reading, they remain viable prospects for you.

JFG can help you create compelling print campaigns – and then place them where your audience will see them and then take action. So, don’t ignore print – not until the obituary shows up online anyway.


People shouldn’t read when they drive. But they do anyway

And as long as they’re already driving distracted, you might as well take advantage of it by using outdoor advertising. Billboards, bus boards and bus shelters are all great ways to give people something to read while they should be keeping their eyes on the road.

JFG will help you come up with compelling messages and visuals to make sure they stand out – and are memorable. Because as long as people are reading when they drive, we might as well help you take advantage of it.

Public Relations

Give the media a story that can’t be called “fake news”

There’s no such thing as bad PR. That’s the adage anyway. But the reality is, it’s much better to have good press than it is to have negative stories floating out there. Either way, you need someone to help you manage your public relations. That’s where JFG comes in. We can develop entire PR campaigns, conduct press events and even help you with crisis PR services, should the need arise. So, control the story and protect your brand at the same time.