Brand Awareness


As one of the nonprofit organizations selected to participate in CreateAthon 2018, F BITES – Food Based Interventions with Technology, Energy & Science – posed a unique challenge for the team at JFG. The programs offered by F BITES are available to a diverse population, including high school student on weekends and after school, adult workforce development opportunities and even a re-entry program designed to give prisoners valuable job skills for employment after their release. 

JFG completed a comprehensive range of materials for F BITES – and all in the course of 24 hours. This included developing a brand-new logo, designing billboard and bus stop advertisements, and even completing a full website design to give the organization a more modern and robust digital presence. JFG was also able to secure television spots for F BITES, giving them airtime on Buffalo-area stations to help increase awareness both to potential students and prospective donors in support of their laudable cause. 

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