Promoting Your Brand: Traditional vs. Digital PR

by | Sep 8, 2016 | JFG News

When considering public relations, your business’ strategy should align with your individualized business goals. Oftentimes, a mix of traditional and digital tactics become the key ingredients for a successful media strategy.

Despite the clear shift from print to online over the years, both traditional and digital mediums are beneficial to the success of a brand.

What is public relations?
Simply put, public relations is a strategic communications process with the purpose of building mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and its unique public.

Traditional public relations involves a number of initiatives including event planning, speech writing, and press release distribution to media outlets including newspapers, radio, and broadcast television. These initiatives are taken to create relationships to leverage favorable media coverage.

Digital Public Relations heavily mirrors the playbook of traditional public relations with its hinged dependence on strategic relationship building. These relationships are cultivated with connecting with the new age of reporters and writers, ranging from bloggers to social media influences.

Traditional vs. Digital: The Bottom Line
There are benefits to both traditional and digital public relations, and there is a massive overlap between the two realms. Traditional PR remains to be relevant in today’s digital-heavy world. The factor that determines how relevant is dependent on the goals of your brand. Digital PR offers solid, measurable numbers with its grounding in search engine optimization and link building.

When considering public relations and strategy for your business, think about your individualized business goals and which tactics are right for your media strategy. Or, better yet, leave it to our experts.

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