Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

When you look at a search engine results page – often called a SERP in digital marketing – you’ll typically see a number of different results. If your request was about a local service or business, you might see a map at the top with relevant locations. You may receive a featured snippet answer in an info box, or links to news stories or social media posts if the search is on something topical. And, of course, you’ll see the familiar 10 blue links of organic search results. However, above and below them all are ads, and these positions can give you top-of-the-page prominence to get your brand listed first in relevant queries. 

Paying for Prominence

With a search engine marketing campaign, or SEM, you can target specific search terms and promote your brand in these highly competitive SERP positions. At JFG, we’ll work with you to identify the most valuable and relevant keywords and phrases for your business, what region or area to display your ad and the content of your promotion. We also work to help ensure that your costs are well managed to give you the greatest exposure by working to ensure the relevance of the landing page to the ad copy, resulting in a higher Quality Score and lower cost per click within Google Ads.

Featured Case Studies

Check out some of the SEM campaigns that we’ve done for our clients and see how an effective campaign can drive website traffic and help grow conversions for your business.

A Comprehensive Digital Strategy

SEM is just one of many strategies that can help you find success in the world of digital marketing, and the team at J. Fitzgerald Group can put together a comprehensive strategy to help your organization get the most from your marketing budget. SEM pairs well with SEO – search engine optimization – working to get you at the top of search results organically and through paid means. We can also help with digital display and banner ads, email marketing to follow up and connect with existing customers or use traditional marketing options like direct mail, billboards and more to help your brand stay prominent and relevant both online and offline. 

Get Started with Your Campaign

Learn how JFG can help you with your SEM campaign or other paid digital marketing strategy. Our team will work with you to understand your needs and goals and put together a plan to drive impressions, leads and, of course, sales. Call us today or complete a contact form online now to get started.  

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