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Tammy Ulrich

Business Manager

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  • Accounting Skills 99% 99%
  • Attention to Detail 95% 95%
  • Reliability 99% 99%
  • Love of Car Shopping 1% 1%
Tammy Likes & Dislikes

“I love numbers and organization. I am a total Type A personality, so what better job than business manager? It’s all fun in my book.”

Tammy loves to have order. At an advertising agency, that can be a very difficult thing to find. Dealing with a diverse and creative group at JFG, Tammy acts as the voice of reason and sanity – which is a role she was born to do. After nearly two decades working in engineering business development and licensing, Tammy changed careers to work in business management and accounting with firms in the Buffalo area.

In her role at JFG, she keeps everything on track – internally and externally. As the business manager, she is the one responsible for keeping the wheels turning and ensuring that JFG stays profitable and viable. But she does it in a knowledgeable and caring way – never in a cold, calculating way.

Working at JFG is actually the perfect fit for Tammy because she doesn’t just stare at numbers all day. She also has a strong creative bent and was a longtime co-owner of a local arts and crafts store, helping residents from all across Western New York express their creativity. She helps the team at JFG in much the same way, providing different perspective and insights that can help spark new ideas and approaches when tackling client projects and concepts.

When she’s not working on spreadsheets and keeping the office running, she loves biking, hiking, reading, baking and taking vacations with her friends and family. But just don’t put her on a schedule when she’s on vacation. Because as much as she loves to have order at work – she needs to just sit back and relax when she finally takes a break.