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Work with a single agency for a unified approach to marketing

Many businesses have grown their marketing with their needs, taking an a la carte approach to adding new capabilities and channels to their efforts only when they need to. In many instances, the firm that does excellent print advertising may not offer paid search ads online or lack social media management capabilities. In turn, this means the business owner reaches out and finds different firms, agencies or individuals to take on these specialized aspects of their marketing.

While seeking out expertise is good, this spread of responsibilities starts to lead to diluting of an organization’s branding as it spreads through different teams with different concepts and ideas that may adapt, alter or even completely abolish their larger core brand.

Moving Targets, Moving Capabilities

Companies and organizations have begun to realize the impact that this can have on their marketing, and in turn have sought out more comprehensive solutions from single providers. Brands and businesses today want – and need – to succeed across a range of platforms and have their campaigns backed by capabilities on- and offline. It’s also part of what has driven more and more marketers to turn to full-service agencies that can create and carry campaigns on any channel.

It’s not hard to understand how marketing campaigns began to develop into such an octopusian beast, with tentacles dipped into many different specialized agencies. After all, as a business owner, you understand the importance of using the right tool for the right job. A trowel is great in a garden, but you wouldn’t dig a ditch with it.

However, this approach also brings the risk of watering down of your messaging as different players have different ideas. Say, for example, your digital agency wants to create a new ad campaign to target on search networks and uses a different tagline than your print agency. Now you have an inconsistent experience for the audience depending on how they encounter your company or organization.

Enter Consolidation

Fortunately, many agencies have stepped up to the challenge, and as more and more marketing channels begin to overlap and play on one another, the need to keep a campaign consistent has grown. Some of the most successful campaigns today are communicated across platforms, ensuring the user who sees a tagline in the paper or on a banner ad will recognize it on the radio, TV or social media. As Dave McIndoe writes for Forbes, there are numerous benefits to sourcing a single point of contact for your marketing beyond simple brand consistency.

Creativity Curates Customers

First, creativity doesn’t exist in a bubble – nor should it have to. If you have a grand branding concept or idea that you want to take through all your marketing, a partner with the capability of managing such a broad campaign can take it from concept to completion.

At J. Fitzgerald Group, we’ve done exactly that for our clients and work to identify creative marketing options, convey them in print and digital mediums and work with our clients to ensure a consistency of message and creative expression in any form. Your existing print campaign may not work in a digital medium, or may work even better with an interactive experience available digitally. A unified creative team can consider your options and work with you to make your message pop on any platform.

The ‘We’ in ‘Teamwork’

Next, working with the same people allows you to build a rapport and understanding which can help to express your brand better. If the people working on your marketing truly understand you, your business and your organization or company persona, they can better respond to your needs. Whether you need to plan a new annual strategy or need a one-off ad prepared to a sudden opportunity that’s become available, your marketing team relationship should be a partnership where you both work to better your business. Working in tandem with your marketing firm means everyone wins.

Mo’ Money, Less Problems

There can also often be cost savings when you have all your marketing communications sourced under one roof. If your marketing team is already generating logos, advertising materials and other aspects for your campaign, they already know how to convey your brand in your messaging. It also means they don’t need to create new collateral from scratch to make new variations for your campaigns. This saves time and money in growing or expanding your campaign to different platforms or marketing channels, while ensuring there’s consistency to your brand and message.

Better Information, Better Campaigns

Perhaps the major benefit of consolidating is the ability to have each of your different marketing feed and inform other campaigns and drives. The results of your paid search marketing can drive your organic SEO efforts, which can direct your traditional mail or billboard campaigns – and on and on. Having a dedicated team and collective information from different strategies available whenever you need it is a great benefit, and helps to ensure that not only you’re doing effective marketing, but also that you’re focusing efforts where they can have the greatest impact and improve results.

Solutions for Every Situation

At J. Fitzgerald Group, we offer a full range of strategic marketing services for our clients. From print and digital, to television and radio, to social media and search advertising, we can help your business or organization find success in any campaign on any platform. If you’re looking to take your marketing to the next level with one firm that can handle everything from Analytics on your website to ZIP code targeting for mailers, give us a call at our Lockport, NY office today at 716.433.7688 and let’s discuss your needs.

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