2021 Holiday Marketing Efforts to Consider

by | Nov 4, 2021 | JFG News

Many people already have their tinsel in a tangle over the stress of holiday shopping. With shortages and shipping delays sweeping across the country, making your shopping list and checking it twice might be difficult this year.

It’s no secret that holiday shopping in 2021 will look different from previous years and brands have been forced to shift their marketing efforts as a result.

Countdown to Christmas is Starting Earlier:

If you thought Thanksgiving never stood a chance against the hustle and bustle of holiday marketing efforts, Halloween lost the fight this year too with campaigns rolling out as early as September in an attempt to capture the attention of “early bird” shoppers.

Many retailers are allocating funds for video marketing efforts – something that captures the attention of consumers by providing them with a visual of their products. Customers notoriously enjoy video content and often purchase based on something they saw whether that be a commercial, an advertisement, or an Instagram story.

It is also easy to evoke emotions from a video standpoint – holiday shoppers often act on emotion when buying gifts. The holiday season is nostalgic for many and offers a sense of comfort that only comes around once a year – if your video efforts pull at the heartstrings of a consumer, you might just land them as a customer.

Comfy and Cozy Are Customers:

Although some of us enjoy holiday music on a loop and fighting crowds, many customers feel most merry and bright while shopping from the comfort of their own home.

2020 left a lot of people shopping strictly from home but 2021 will reflect more of a “hybrid” shopping experience. While retailers do anticipate getting more in-store sales this year compared to last, a good majority of shoppers will stay put. In fact, according to Adweek, Adobe found that over half of digital Christmas revenue in 2020 came from smartphones and mobile sales will likely continue to rise.

Streamlining efforts such as curbside pick-up or in-store pick-up is vital with many customers continuing to use those services. By eliminating these options, you are assuming people will favor in-store shopping – by doing so, you are losing potential sales.

Companies are spending big money on digital marketing efforts and social media is no exception. A large portion of people are now purchasing products directly from Instagram and TikTok – platforms that are designed to appeal directly to them and their interests taking the “guesswork” out of gift giving. You heard it here first – social media has replaced Santa Claus.

Push for Small Business Sales:

If you’re a small business preparing for the holiday rush, you might be in luck. Many people have been vocal about showing support for small businesses in 2021. If you haven’t yet thought about how you’ll get customers in the door for Small Business Saturday – the time is now.

It is a vital year for small businesses to revamp their marketing efforts knowing that they’re already on the minds of many consumers. Supporting a local business is a chance to skip some of the crowds while supporting your community – a win-win for many shoppers.

For small businesses that have an opportunity to create a window display, creating a festive environment for customers is what might prompt them to cross the threshold. As mentioned earlier, many people shop for the holidays based on emotion – a window display is the perfect opportunity to make some spirits bright.

With that being said, it’s just as important for small businesses to have a digital presence this year as well. If your website isn’t responsive on mobile or it’s difficult to purchase from your website – you’re at risk of losing sales.

It is also expected that customers will be favoring stores that offer some type of incentive for shopping with them. Consider launching a rewards program, offering discount incentives, or doing a small door buster or online giveaway to secure sales. Retailers believe that customers will prioritize purchasing from businesses that are giving back to them in some way –  no matter how big or how small the retailer.

Local Small Businesses to Consider:

We asked a few members of our team to send us their favorite small businesses in Lockport, NY where JFG headquarters are located. Here are a few of their favorite picks: Tattered Tulip, Mills Jewelers, The Lady of the Locks, BLING, and Snowflake Ski Shop.

If you’re looking to refuel between your shopping trips with a hot cup of coffee or a plate of warm food, our team would suggest: Steamworks Coffee, Stooges, Scripts Cafe, Short Street Patio Bar, Bonjour Crepes, Craft Coffee House, and Wagners.

With that being said, we have an ongoing list of small businesses in our community that we love to support – if you’re looking for more recommendations, let us know!

If you want input on how you can increase your holiday marketing efforts, feel free to contact JFG today. From bringing your digital marketing efforts up-to-date to creating customized newsletters for your customers to notify them about sales and specials, we can help.

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