How to Bridge Gaps in Marketing Emails

by | Dec 21, 2016 | JFG News

Online consumers are increasingly indifferent to irrelevant marketing emails that aren't tailored to their interests.Consumers are becoming more comfortable with making purchases on mobile devices. But they’re also becoming more indifferent to irrelevant marketing emails that aren’t personalized or tailored to their interests and tastes.

Here are three areas marketers should be aware of and tips you can use to increase engagement and conversions:


The Gap Between Subscriber Response and Engagement

Customers are opening emails almost as frequently as they always have, but they don’t feel an incentive to click through and convert that click to a purchase or other action.

If you’re marketing for industries such as hospitality and travel or retail, for example, consider that many of your emails might be perceived as aspirational. That is, consumers might love to purchase plane tickets to Hawaii or that hot new tech item — someday.

Turn those aspirational emails into conversions with carefully tailored information relevant to the consumer’s interest. For example, if a consumer clicks through on your email about those plane tickets to Hawaii but doesn’t buy anything, that indicates an interest on the consumer’s part. Send along additional information about the flight, like a notification when the cost of tickets decreases, or a reminder before the next major holiday.

But remember to give the message a sense of urgency. Consumers tend to respond well to messages when they know a special price won’t last or a coveted item won’t be available for long.


The Gap Between Mobile and Desktop Click and Click-To-Open Rates

As with many other trends in the tech sector, mobile is becoming king. Mobile clicks and click-to-open rates are soaring, while those categories for desktop computers are plummeting.

Consider the needs and priorities of your subscribers when sending mobile emails and carefully tailor messages.. For example, emails related to entertainment and travel tend to lend themselves to a mobile experience well, but consumers still tend to be wary of financial or B2B services in the mobile space.

No matter the industry, consumers will disengage from brands that don’t make it easy for them. Make their experience as effortless on mobile as it is on desktop. Ensure that your email message and any landing page or purchase page are responsive and mobile-friendly. If you’re offering an email coupon, be sure to include a bar code or coupon code that the consumer can easily use in-store from their device. Finally, reduce the number of steps a consumer must take in order to make a purchase or engage with your brand.


The Gap Amongst Smartphone, Desktop, and Tablet Purchases

Mobile-generated revenue now drives more than one-third of all email-generated revenue — and smartphone revenue, as a portion of all email-generated revenue, is growing the most. Consumers are placing more and more orders on mobile devices, but still tend to use desktop platforms for more expensive purchases.

Take advantage of consumers’ willingness to shop on mobile devices by offering location-based notifications, coupons, and incentives. Similarly, consider sending online-only deals for frequent mobile shoppers. Give them a reason to make purchases directly from their smartphones.


Ours is an increasingly noisy world and consumers are already saturated with irrelevant emails. Bridge these gaps and consumers will be more willing to engage, making your email marketing campaigns more successful.

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