JFG Adds New Client to Roster

by | Nov 3, 2016 | JFG News

hotsyHow do you create a single lead generation campaign that will work for a group of dealers when those dealers are spread across the country and serve customers in six very different markets?

You turn to J. Fitzgerald Group. We’re creating a flexible strategic plan that will drive service and equipment sales for nine Hotsy dealers with customers in agriculture, food processing, industry and manufacturing, oil and gas, fleet transportation, and construction.

An Industry Leader. Hotsy makes one of the most rugged and durable lines of industrial pressure washers and wash bay systems on the market. These nine dealers have emerged as sales leaders by offering uniquely tailored custom cleaning solutions and best in clas service to keep it maintained and operational for their customers. We’re proud to work with:

So what’s the plan?

Our strategic plan will include:

  • Solution, not product based, message development for each of the nine dealers across all six of their market segments;
  • email advertisements;with a powerful telemarketing campaign
  • website guidance
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • social media management

It’s our job to look past the obvious and help clients attract and retain customers. Our main focus is driving sales — and we’re confident that we’ll deliver results for our Hotsy partners.