Aaron Niziol

Senior Art Director/Web Designer


  • Graphic Design 96% 96%
  • Website Design 94% 94%
  • Percent of coin flips ending on tails 50% 50%
  • Percent of cupcake eaten on 1st bite 100% 100%

“As a graphic designer I feel my role is to give my customers solutions to their problems. Every job is different and every set of criteria provides its own set of obstacles and challenges to overcome, so my role at JFG is a problem solver – creating order out of chaos.”

Every office needs to have a MacGyver, someone capable of tackling any problem with a paperclip, duct tape and a computer. At JFG, that’s Aaron. Whether he’s designing a brochure, logo or website – or fixing a chair, building a table or creating incredible sidewalk chalk art – Aaron is the “go-to” person when you need something done, and done with flair.

In his role at JFG, Aaron is responsible for crafting designs that stand out and are functional. His designs reflect his talent and desire to make everything easier to use and understand. Aaron develops digital experiences including websites and landing pages, as well as digital advertisements, brochures and other collateral. He also designs traditional print media items for use in media publications, on billboards and in a range of other settings.

You’ll always see Aaron with a sketch book – “doodling” things that others would consider artwork. That’s because for Aaron, creativity never shuts off and you never know when the muse is going to appear. And when he’s not designing or fixing things, he enjoys spending time with his family, swimming and drinking beer (which makes it very fortunate that JFG has its own in-house pub).