If potential customers can’t find your business, you’ve lost a sale before you even had a chance to pitch them. In today’s digital world, being easy to find and in a high position in search results is an absolute must, and the tool to help you get there is SEO.

SEO – or search engine optimization – is work performed both on- and off-site to help improve your visibility in search results. The search engines use an incredibly complex series of algorithms and rules to position sites in results for any given query. Making matters worse, these rules are not known, but are constantly evolving as Google, Bing and other providers work to adjust how sites rank and how results are shown. Plus, changes made to a site – sometimes even minor updates – can dramatically affect your position – or the position of your competitors.

Constant Changes, Continuous Improvement

Unlike a single marketing campaign, SEO is an ongoing process and the tactics, strategies and approaches used will often change throughout the course of any given year. The search engines are constantly reviewing and changing the algorithms that govern how a page is ranked, meaning that our SEO experts are always monitoring a site’s performance and engaging in different strategies to work to get you to the top of page one. Whether it’s blog posts, content writing, technical updates, Schema implementation or any of myriad other activities, we work to keep you relevant and get your page to show up for searchers to find.

On Site and Off Site

SEO is also not limited to your own website. Many other off-site factors can impact how you rank. These can include backlinks, social media posts, influencer mentions and marketing, guest posting and much more. We work to identify opportunities or issues with your off-site SEO, as well, helping to grow your visibility and make you the leading result for whatever product, service or solution your searchers are seeking. 

We Know SEO

At JFG, we can help your find what you’re looking for – or rather, we can help you be what your prospective customers are looking for. With our SEO services, we’ll work to make you the top result for relevant keywords and phrases and help grow website traffic while increasing leads and conversions for your business. Learn how we can help by contacting us today.  

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