• Digital Strategy 99% 99%
  • Fear of Bees/Wasps 100% 100%
  • Ability to Tan 9% 9%
  • Likelihood of Being Late 1% 1%

“Make a sale, you’ll make a living. Build a relationship and you can make a fortune.”

A self-proclaimed lover of data and statistics – to the point where he took additional statistics courses in college “for fun” (though we’re not sure he knows what those words mean) – Dave is JFG’s Digital Sales Director. Throughout his career, he has relied on his strong power of observation to assess and evaluate a client’s needs from an objective point of view, working to recommend and implement digital strategies that will offer the greatest positive impact and ROI to meet and exceed their needs.

Dave understands that digital marketing offers many different opportunities and that finding the right approach or balancing budgets to the most appropriate channels can be overwhelming. Fortunately, it’s bread and butter for Dave. He asks a series of questions when getting started to put together a clear picture of what a client wants to achieve and what success looks like to them to ensure that the campaign or strategy suggested will help to materials the results they want to see.

A veteran of marketing in Western New York, Dave has worked with area television stations, software providers and digital marketing vendors, and brings his wealth of experience and knowledge to JFG. Dave is father to four children and two dogs, and enjoys games with friends in his spare time.